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The Adult Education Centre at Redcar, Cleveland


Looking for daytime opportunities for adults young and old? 


Redcar Education & Development Ltd provides a fantastic development centre for school leavers and adults with disabilities and special needs. At RED Ltd we offer a great range of activities that develop both individual and social skills through access to the likes of :

  • Books and Puzzles

  • Music

  • Internet (secure, safe sites)

  • Visiting local attractions (museums, parks)

  • Physical Education (dancing, swimming, walking)

And much more!

With access to spacious and safe mini buses, RED Ltd offer great opportunities for outdoor activities as well as indoor activities plus special events such as pampering sessions, craft sessions, visiting theatre productions and more. We even offer a pick up and drop off service if required.

Welcome to Redcar Education & Development Ltd

For more information on RED Ltd, please call us today or feel free to send your enquiry through the details on our contact page.

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