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Indoor Activities

Snooker & Pool


The chance to visit a local club and have a game with your friends. Playing pool helps to encourage discipline and patience by learning how to wait for your shot and playing fair. It’s also good for coordination. A great chance to socialise over a tea, coffee or soft drink


We have a lending library of DVD's which can be taken home. We also schedule into the week (especially during bad weather) the opportunity to sit with friends and watch your favourite film. We also like to chat about films and plan the next week’s choice.



At the end of a full and busy week what better way to unwind than with a disco. Bring your own music or dance along to music from our library. If a disco isn’t for you then we have plenty of quiet space to sit and chill and do an activity of your choice.

Library/Computer Suites

Use local facilities to access books, music and the internet. Use the quiet time to read or listen to music through headphones. Use the PCs to play games and puzzles or search your favourite Internet sites (which are obviously safe sites).

Singing and Musical Instruments




Helps to keep fit and have some fun at the same time. Learn about personal hygiene whilst showering and hair washing.



Join our line dancing group in a mainstream setting and learn all the moves. Encourages listening skills and following instruction whilst getting some exercise and having fun. There is also the chance to perform dance routines.


Listen to different kinds of music and talk about your favourite pop stars. Keep a scrapbook, share CD's and join in pop quizzes.

Story Time


Pamper Sessions


Special occasion or just a treat. Nothing feels better than a foot spa, manicure or general makeover. Go on spoil yourself.

For more information on Red Ltd, please call us today or feel free to send your enquiry through the details on our contact page.

Make gifts to give as presents and create seasonal cards and items. Visit parks, woods and beaches to collect things for your projects. Experiment with different crafts then show and display your work.


Craft Sessions

The chance to make your own music using a selection of musical instruments along with your friends. Join in, play music and sing along or get the karaoke machine out and strut your stuff! Tough decisions though – do you apply for Britain’s Got Talent or the X Factor?


Make your own lunch at the base or visit local cafes or pubs. Make choices about what to eat and drink. Go to the counter (with support) and order your own lunch and drink then sit back and enjoy

Bring in your favourite book and read it to the group, or have someone read it out for you. Share your favourite stories with friends.  A chance to chill out and relax at the end of a busy day.

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