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Redcar Education & Development Ltd Outdoor Activities


Please have a look at our great selection of parent feedback:

"Red Ltd have provided an excellent service through professional and reliable staff who are caring and dedicated to their position at the centre." - anonymous

"After the closure of the Day Training Centres (a barmy idea is our opinion) we were at loss to know what to do best for Dean in the interests and development of his future.
On learning of the R.E.D. Group forming with such first class management and staff, our fears were allayed and we consider ourselves lucky Dean was accepted.
Dean does not need any encouragement to get out of the bed on a morning because he knows the day ahead is going to be full of interests and good things to do.
Activities include: visiting the college to use computers and literacy classes, cinema visits, Tai Chi (I'm told is relaxing), gymnasium visits for workouts, theatre visits (oh yes he does), dining out, meeting others and knowing how to conduct oneself in public, visits to 10-pin bowling alleys and carpet bowls.
Thanks to bowling activities Dean has been invited to play in the team in the Special Olympics this coming Summer to be held in Leicester.
Trips to local places like Whitby, local parks, museums, the River Tees to see the shipping and anglers, local beaches to enjoy some good fish and chips.
All activities to meet and mingle with all people of all walks of life changing points of view and enjoying the sites and amenities.
R.E.D. Group is run by very experience staff, knowing how to care for and advance the quality of life and welfare of all group members, liaising with parents and carers, bringing them up to date with views, tastes and dislikes of all group members. Regular get-together of staff and parents/carers keep everyone up to date at all times.
R.E.D. staff comprises of Janet and Trevor Longdon, Susan Thurlow & Ian Mclean and listening to Dean talking about staff (J, T, S & I) we have formed the opinion they must be God-like figures through whom all things are possible."

"I would just like to say how very pleased I am about Sharon's transfer to Janet's group. There is such a difference in her, she is like a new person "happy, more understanding of others and seems more caring."
Each day is more challenging, she gets variety to her programme which makes life so much better for her.
It is also gives me peace of mind which you cannot put a price on, knowing she is in such a caring environment is good.
Keep up the good work you are all doing a great job." - Mrs Bailey

For more information on Red Ltd, please call us today or feel free to send your enquiry through the details on our contact page.

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